[title_box title=”Benefits Overview” custom_class=”service-title”]

[title_box title=”Schools Benefit” custom_class=”service-title”]

  • Increased efficiency through faster transactions, which lead to considerable cost savings and encourage lunch uptake by students and staff.
  • Cash handling administration costs reduced.
  • Creates a positive cash flow and generates extra income as cash is deposited in advance. (Schools can enforce system to generate start-up income)
  • Card system works perfectly with and without electricity.
  • Human cash-handling errors instantly eliminated – no lost income..
  • School can promote the use of the card system for purchasing other student necessities at a cheaper price. E.g. school uniform, textbooks etc.

[title_box title=”Students Benefit” custom_class=”service-title”]

  • Reduces risk of bullying an theft within the school.
  • If a card is lost or stolen, funds are simply transferred to the new card-they are not lost.
  • Queuing time, the biggest issue for service users, is greatly reduced.
  • Student will be able to take advantage by obtaining discounts outside the school environment from our third party retail store e.g. Shoprite,silver bird movie theatre etc.
  • When the card is running low on funds the system will alert the operator to inform the holder that they need to re-value their card.
  • Self-Service Account Check Stations Available at strategic locations for students to verify account balance and spending history.

[title_box title=”Parents Benefit” custom_class=”service-title”]

  • Parents can administer their child’s account from banks or deposit at the schools.
  • Parents can keeps track for their children’s spending habits and put a daily/weekly or monthly spending limit.
  • Hygiene is greatly improved, as there is no cash handling in a food environment.
  • Parents are rest assured that their children’s allowances are safe and secure.
  • Account Statements of students are available for parents.