Discount System

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points_cardDiscount/Rewards System

Loyalty or Rewards programs are launched using a card made of PVC plastic that has a magnetic stripe on the back. The card can be used to accumulate points, Naira or rewards in a merchant’s store or business. The card can track visits, products purchased or total Naira spent. The merchant can predetermine the levels of rewards or points on the program.

Consumers visit the location(s) and present the card at the time of sale. The card is then swiped and the system adds the reward or dollar based credits to the card. After a predetermined level is reached or a particular product is purchased the customer can be rewarded with a credit or cash value on the card.

  • Build customer loyalty and increase revenue
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Extend your Brand: Eye-catching card designs act as a marketing tool for your brand
  • Promotional Tool: Loyalty cards are an ideal tool to promote your business and drive customers to your store
  • Easy set-up: Cards can be processed through your existing or customized POS terminal
  • Promotes more return visits and larger average tickets in the location